Local Attractions

Local Attractions

Places to Visit


Designer and innovator Alabama Chanin found its home here in the shoals. Check it out and have a bite to eat. 


Resting right in the heart of the Shoals is FAME studios which has house dozens of house hold names. The studio is considered to bring a unique sound and is the inspiration and home to many number one hits throughout history. 

Sacredwaysanctuary.org  ​Sacred Way Sanctuary is a research, education, and preservation facility that is home to a foundation herd of between 80 and 90 Indigenous Native American horses. The origin of these horses can be traced to Native Peoples across North America.

1553 Florence Boulevard, Florence, Alabama 35630 • (256) 275-9706




One of the most unique attractions in the Shoals rest less than 5 minutes from our facility. Tom Hendrix built a wall in memory of his Native American Grandmother that survived the Trail of Tears. Go by and hear his son tell stories of their brave ancestor. 

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