Close to the Natchez Trace, comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces, ‘living’ on a farm surrounded by animals, 5 bedrooms/bathrooms, delicious breakfast, pond in front of B&B, sitting under the stars at night, enjoying a fire in the summer by our outdoor fire place. Inside, being mesmerized by a cozy fire in the fireplace during the colder season.

Farmhouse Sanctuary is operated as a B&B and is a very convenient stay for people traveling the Natchez Trace.

For special occasions we have a functioning wood fired pizza and bread oven to operate.


A few years ago, after purchasing this land, we rescued some wild mustangs. Soon we added a few abused horses who were bound to be slaughtered otherwise, then stray dogs showed up, cats from the pound, Navajo Churo sheep and two Cashmere goats who needed a home, a herd of longhorn cows and donkeys….then we brought in chickens to make eggs for us. We became accidental farmers. We had never been around farm animals or horses before this venture…and a whole new life experience began. Please join us at Farmhouse Sanctuary and share this beautiful experience with us

Imperfect Perfection Wood Shop, Honey & Bread

On the premises, we have a furniture wood shop named Imperfect Perfections – home-made wood furniture is being built for sale. The B&B is our showroom.

We also harvest fresh local honey on the premises. This honey is raw and holds all the good ingredients for your health.

Last, but not least, we bake beautiful, tasty fresh bread on the premises that are for sale as well.